Inspiration for The Lady Slipper

Canyn Flynn

Canyn Flynn

I was inspired to write The Lady Slipper almost twenty years ago when I was living in Northeastern Pennsylvania. My daughter was a toddler, like Paige in the story, and we lived out in the middle of nowhere. Like Hannah, I met my friends through a playgroup organization and we got together as much for ourselves as for the children. One of my friends, who had a daughter the same age as mine, also enjoyed gardening as much as I did. We began to take note of the many abandoned properties in our area where old fashioned plants and flowers grew wild and unattended. Before long, we were carrying a hand spade and buckets wherever we went, just in case. Many of our “outings” were planned days in advance, and just like Hannah and Sophia, we would take turns digging and keeping watch. On one of these outings I said to my friend, “What if we were to dig up a dead body while we’re doing this?” She thought I was nutty for imagining something so awful, but it stuck in my head. And it grew.

I’ve been actively working on this story for over five years. I’ve made a lot of personal sacrifices, many of which I will regret for the rest of my life. I just don’t know how anyone can write without tucking themselves away from the world. One thing I do not regret is that I have finally written and finished The Lady Slipper. It’s my greatest accomplishment behind the fact that I somehow raised my daughter to adulthood and she is the finest person I know.

The Lady Slipper is a work of fiction. There are historical, architectural, and scientific references that come into play throughout the story and I have attempted to be as accurate as possible. It remains, however, a story for entertainment and not education and should be treated as such. I encourage you to research for yourself anything that might pique you interest. The last one hundred years are more fascinating to me than any other time on this planet.

I hope you enjoy these excerpts and will want to read more. Someday you’ll see it on a shelf somewhere or on a list of e-books. I promise.


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  1. First off, I want you to know that this is a beautiful story you’ve shared. It speaks volumes for the things you’ve learned in your life & I applaud your courage.

    Next, I to lost my father just a few short years ago & although my experience wasn’t the same, the truth is it taught me a lot about the dying process. I would like you to understand that we are all energy & that energy doesn’t go away simply because we’ve left this human body. There is, of course, a large debate as to what truly happens. My believe is that we continue to be one as in life we are still truly all connected. Your aunt & your Dad aren’t gone they are simple part of the source that we all draw from.

    Please forgive yourself, you did what you thought was right at the time in regards to your dad. You had no way of knowing what would happen. We all think that looking back makes us wiser. I believe that looking back only helps if we learn from the past & we let go of it.

    As far as the book goes, if it is still your passion you need to finish. You ask why all these obstacles have continued to appear while you’ve tried to finish it. I have two thoughts; 1) Are you sure that this is what you want? Sometimes we try to convince ourselves because of our EGO that one thing or another is truly what we want. 2) These “obstacles” as you named them may actually be a blessing. Maybe because of what you’ve learned through these last few years the book will be better then it ever would have been before.

    Finally, be proud of making it through & continuing your growth. If you haven’t read my blog on “Courage” you should: You are a better person because of everything you’ve had to go through.

    Know that you are loved & appreciated.

    Till we chat again,


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